Prince Bartek and the Magic Sword

By You & Robot

Prince Bartek was the bravest and strongest prince in the land. He was also the smartest, and he always managed to find his way out of the toughest situations. One day, Bartek's parents received a letter from the king of a neighboring kingdom. The king was looking for a prince to marry his daughter, Princess Jasmine.


Bartek's parents thought this was a perfect opportunity for their son, and they immediately sent him off to the neighboring kingdom. Bartek was excited for the adventure, and he rode his horse all the way to the kingdom.


When he arrived, Bartek met Princess Jasmine and her father, the king. The king was pleased with Bartek, and he agreed to let the two of them marry. Jasmine was thrilled, and she and Bartek had a beautiful wedding.


After the wedding, Bartek and Jasmine lived happily together in the kingdom. They had two children, and Bartek ruled the kingdom wisely. Everyone in the kingdom loved him, and life was perfect.


One day, Bartek was out hunting with some of his knights. They were attacked by a group of bandits, and Bartek was gravely injured. Jasmine was devastated, and she prayed for her husband to recover.


Bartek's knights brought him back to the castle, and Jasmine did everything she could to nurse him back to health. Finally, after many long weeks, Bartek woke up. He was weak, but he was alive.


Jasmine was so relieved that she hugged Bartek and burst into tears. Bartek slowly recovered from his injuries, and he and Jasmine lived happily ever after.