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High and Mighty Pie-ano: A Tale of Tuneful Tastiness

The night sky light creeps into the air, As she stands there with her hand in her hair. A world renown opera singer of great renown, Ready to savour her last meal in town.


Her dress made of velvet, so fine and so lavish, Adorned with roses, which seemed to have a ravish. Her hair let down long on her back, it did sit, Like a dark wave of midnight, the colour of it.


The crust amply sprinkled with cheese and herbs, Topped with a plentiful supply of olives and curds. A smell too tempting to pass up and miss, So off she goes with her one slice of bliss.


She closes her eyes and savours the flavour, The taste tantalises her senses, so she does savour. A moment of joy and pleasure, so rare, She smiles and takes another bite, with care.


The crust superbly crunching and crumbly, The cheese unctuous and creamy, so humbly. A succulent joy from the sauce so demure, A heavenly slice of pizza, so sure.


The night sky begins to darken slowly, The opera singer takes a final bite boldly. A last taste of the meal that's divine, Before it's time to hit the line.


Melodious notes fill the night sky bright, As the singer's voice sends a chill of delight. Tears fill the eyes of those who hear, At the beauty of this voice so clear.


The crowd around her, transfixed with emotion, The song telling of heartbreak and devotion. The mood is broken when sudden and swift, An unwelcome man approaches, bearing a gift.


The man comes closer, and into the light, His face a mask of arrogance and spite. "Take this, it is from one who thinks you are grand, But know that if you accept, you may not take a stand."


The opera singer wonders what lies contained, A fear surges through her as she is restrained. The man's presence only furthers her plight, A fate of ambiguity, with no respite.